Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1

Whats the big deal about murals?

Murals are powerful way to communicate a specific mood or ambiance in a given space. This could either be in a business or in a home since the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture. Having an original mural is a way to make your space stand out and create a memorable experience for it's viewers.

Murals have also been known as a great way to appeal to specific target markets when used for marketing and advertisement. As well it is now understood as a fact that any high quality artwork painted in a space exterior or interior, raises the value of any property commercial or residential. So it's definitely worth the investment!

Question 2

How much does a mural cost?

The price of a mural can vary considerably based on the specifics and amount of work required for your project. Since each mural is different, the planning and execution phases will vary based on the size and location of the mural. We provide free quotes and always take the clients budget into consideration. 

Question 3

How long does it take to complete a mural?

This depends on several variables including size, subject, level of detail and if we have to work on a lift or on the ground. Most projects can be done in the matter of days. For larger scale works we estimate 1-2 weeks. We will always provide an estimated timeline for completion based on the project specifics.

Question 4

What kind of surfaces can you paint murals on?

We can paint on most surfaces including but not limited to: concrete, drywall, stucco and plaster. Another alternative to painting directly onto a wall is a service we offer in which we paint the mural onto a large roll of canvas and install it at the desired location.

Question 5

How long will the artwork last?

We use top quality spray paint/materials and indoor murals will last decades.  Outdoor murals can also last for several years depending on the amount of direct sunlight.  An additional UV protectant clear coat can be added after the mural is completed at an additional charge.  Finally, we can always come back to brighten up existing work years later if needed.

Question 6

Do I need to protect the mural after it’s painted?

Typically, we do not coat murals after they’re painted as it makes it harder to come back and do touch ups, etc. If the mural is in a high traffic location, we can recommend a clear coat that you can easily cover the mural with. This is very simple to do yourself and will not affect the mural design.  We can also do this for you at an additional charge. 

Question 7

What factors are taken into consideration when determining price?

Our prices are determined by the following variables: mural size (surface area to be covered), style of design (i.e. illustrative to realistic), level of detail, design phase, estimated production time (days or weeks depending on project scale), materials required, time constraints/turnaround time, and location.

Each project we undertake is unique. Each project requires a free evaluation to provide an accurate quote. After discussing your vision during your free on-site estimate, a fixed price will be determined and emailed to you.



Question 8

How does the process of getting a mural painted work?

The process taken in order for your mural project to come to life is simple. It is broken down below in 4 easy to understand phases:

Information Phase:

    •    We meet with you on-site to see the space and collect as much information as readily available pertaining to your project, i.e. your vision for the artwork, deadlines, budget, etc…

    •    We provide you with a fixed price quote for the project

Agreement Phase:

    •    Confirmation from you to move forward and 50% upfront payment as deposit due

    •    Schedule dates for mural installation

    • All terms relative to project are discussed and agreed upon

Design Phase:

    •    Further discussion and sharing of ideas for mural design

    •    Client must provide if applicable, inspiration images (i.e favorite murals, visual inspirations of any kind, branding, marketing, website imagery, color palette etc.)

    •    Create conceptual design for the project

    •    Discuss final coloring, design details, and agree upon final design

Installation Phase:

    •    Create new mural  

    •    Final payment due upon project completion



Question 9

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured. If your project requires additional insurance this must be stated at the very beginning during the information phase of the project, so we may ensure we have the adequate coverage relative to your needs.



Question 10

We love your work and were wondering if you also paint on canvas?

Yes in fact we do. We offer a variety of customizable items from canvas to sneakers as our creative customization service. If you have something specific you would like customized that you don’t see available, please do not hesitate to email us directly with your request at